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Slave Tranny Gets Fucked

I didn’t know what would be on the agenda today from my master. Spanking? Tied up? Would I have to eat her pussy again? I loved it all, but of course I couldn’t let my master know that. So she took me in her bedroom and bent me over to give me a reach around while she rammed my ass with a dildo. Pretty typical, but of course I enjoyed it. After I shot my soaking load all over myself, I looked up to find two hung studs right before my eyes! What a surprise in store for me today! I sucked those big schlongs like nobody’s business, and spread my cheeks so I can take every inch of what they had to give me while I slurped on the other cock. I got jizzed all over, and I loved every drop of it. I’ll be sure to thank my master in my own special way later on.
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Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Lovely tranny ethusiatically exposes her naked body

Exotic Rafaela is a hot black tranny with an oriental twist, her chest is kind of perky and her cock is thick and masculine. In this scene you will see this chocolate hottie taking off her light dress and her black boots then she’s eagerly playing her penis, Enjoy!
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Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Fat shemale flashes her big dick

Is it only me or is there something erotic about a Ladyboy who could crush you between her thighs and pin you to the ground? Jennie isn’t your average anorexic model and if you subscribe to the theory “the bigger the cushion, the better the pushin”, then Jennie may be the one for you next time you visit Bangkok.
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Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Pervy crossdresses eating his jizz

Sometimes things you do define the way you feel. This young man was busy with some cooking, and he wanted to become a better housewife by disguising himself as a hot female. See him slowly change into feminine clothes in front of a mirror, putting on some nylon and applying makeup. In the end he creamed his own dish and ate it!
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Monday, October 29th, 2007

New Shemale Student Surprises Friend With A Fucking

Wow, what a gorgeous new student! She had long, flowing blonde hair, long legs, and perky tits that I just couldn’t get enough of. All the guys were drooling over her, so I knew I had to make my move right away. I caught up with her after class, and laid my best lines on her. Sure enough, they worked! She told me to meet her at her house after school, and in my mind, I was already there. As soon as I met her there, I couldn’t control myself, and started to touch her gorgeous body. She was so tight, and had the most perfect breasts. She jumped on top of me and started kissing me, and opened her shirt and took off her skirt for me. That’s when I noticed that she had the biggest cock I’ve ever seen! Soon enough, it became the biggest cock I’ve ever felt, as I took it balls deep in my mouth, and then slid it in my ass. It felt so good to be fucked by this gorgeous shemale that I would do anything she wanted, and it seems like she appreciates that!
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Friday, October 26th, 2007

Bi-breasted transvestite jerks off her rigid dick

Nana Plaza’s Casanova Bar may not be everyone’s style, but if it’s well hung Ladyboys that you are after, it should be on your list. Speaking of well endowed, our model Nancy certainly doesn’t disappoint in the cock department, and gets hard and horny for the camera. Nancy dribbles out some pre-cum, then shoots and scores!
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Sunday, October 21st, 2007

Crossdresser practises sexy female tricks

Andrew is finally home after a shopping round. He saw so many hot guys looking feminine, and now he wants to give it a try. His bags are full of cosmetics and female attire. He changes into the clothes slowly and then strokes his hard manhood, perhaps the only male thing he now has.
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Saturday, October 20th, 2007

Three-on-one alleyway shemale gangbang surprise

I had just got out of work, and I could see storm clouds moving up ahead of me. Cursing myself for leaving my umbrella at work, I started walking briskly so that I didn’t get caught up in it, when I made a wrong turn down a dark alley. In it, there were three of the sexiest babes I have ever seen. I thought maybe my luck was changing, until all three started pushing me to the ground, and exposing their enormous dicks to me! They tore at my clothes and my flesh, shoving their cocks in both my mouth and my asshole. I had never felt anything so large in my life! After all three had their fill of my mouth and ass, they made me lay down so they could shoot all three loads across my face. I’ll be carrying my umbrella everywhere I go for now on.
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Thursday, October 18th, 2007

Bawdy ladyboy in fishnets shows off her assets

Mega-star Mint is back with her colossal cock & looking hotter than hell. Mint lubes up her sweet inviting ass-pussy and then gets to work on that humungous cock. Nobody puts on a show like our beautiful Mint, and once again our mega-star over delivers with a great gush of tasty ladyboy cum.
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Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Two chicks with dicks fuck damn hot

Cristian is a kinky boy with a bent for crossdressing. He felt terribly horny while working at his PC, so he calls up Juliano, his hunky pal with a large dick. He comes, pulls out his stick and plunges right into Cristian. The kinky lad enjoys it and bends over to get his ass fucked. Later Juliano skullfucks Cristian and leaves after a facial.
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Monday, October 15th, 2007